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Gibson J-45 guitars : from 1963 versus 1967 : tips how to distinguish them

In this video we give info and tipshow to see the difference between a J-45 Gibson from 1963 (early) and one from 1967 (late). In those years, there are J-45 guitars with the same serial number as some numbers are duplicated... So the serial number alone does not always point towards a specific year. So what specs can we look for to date those guitars more precisely? 

Early 60ies Gibson J-45 guitars: 
- have a wider, more desirable nut : 1 11/16 inch (43 mm)
- have a steeper 17° peghead angle 
- have a wider neck (not as thick as the baseball bat necks seen in the banner area)
- have a thin tortois pickguard 
- have a sunburst which is a bit more reddish 

Late 60ies Gibson J-45 guitars:
-have a smaller nut : 1 9/16 inch (40 mm)
-have a 14° peghead angle  
-have a small , pencil neck 
-have a thicker swirley reddish, brown pickguard
-have a sunburst which is a bit more cherry  

PS:  the 1963 J-45 is not mine but belongs to a friend. 


New charity guitar project coming up when COVID-19 allows it ...

We had time enough this year to think about a future "Charity Guitar".

More on this later ! :-)